“Do you mind if we dance with yo’ dates?” – Congrats to @cellblock303

Thursday night, the hard-working guys at Section303.com were recognized as the 2nd best blog in Nashville (and best sports blog, by default.) To the regular followers of the site, we see this only as the rest of Nashville slowly learning what we’ve known already. Nashville is often referred to as a small-market and town, and rightfully so when compared to the population of the other sports cities in North America, but Predators fans are blessed with some of the most dedicated and immensely knowledgeable bloggers in the league. Bloggers that more than compensate for the ignorance of the local media. Tonight was an opportunity for Codey, Jeremy and Patten to stand-up and be recognized for their tireless work, but in typical fashion, they sought only to promote the game of hockey, arriving in the business-dress event donning their Predators jerseys. So tonight, we raise our glasses to you gentlemen. We thank you, and salute you.

While recognizing my fellow bloggers (while I dare not consider myself among their peers) at Section 303, I would be remiss to not also refer you to other bloggers that I consider the cream of the crop alongside Section 303:

On The Forecheck

The View From 111

Preds on the Glass

Like Section 303, these good folks are dedicated to our good sport, even in this long off-season. I suggest you bookmark them all and check them daily.

Again Codey, Jeremy and Patten, congrats. Have a beer. You’ve earned it.

Big Kev


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One response to ““Do you mind if we dance with yo’ dates?” – Congrats to @cellblock303

  1. Kev,

    Thanks for the kind words. It’s a huge victory for Pred Nation.

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