Early thoughts from Raleigh – Slapshot Radio Road Trip

Quick hits:

– My apologies to everyone that had to wait for me to get there to take off this morning. Granted, I did make it before the 4am deadline, but since I was the last there, we could have left sooner. I went to the wrong Kroger. My bad. :/

– Raleigh is lovely right now. A lot of the trees still have their leaves and are changing. Very nice.

– _/_/_/ Big stick tap to the staff of Burger King in Claremont, NC. Lesser men and women would have panicked seeing 60 people pile out of a bus and into your facility, but you kept us going at a quick pace in spite of having only one register.

– The RBC Center is in a particularly bizarre location. This is the 4th hockey arena I’ve been to, but the others have all been located in lively, active areas with a lot of food and entertainment options nearby. The RBC Center is seemingly placed in some guys field in the middle of nowhere. We all thought the bus driver was lost (sorry Bobbi) because there was nothing going on. I swear it’s Deliverance country. If I hear banjos, fat boy is outta here quicker than you can say “slapshot.”

– Speaking of slapshot, a HUGE stick-tap ( _/_/_/ ) to Paul and Denise McCann of Slapshot Hockey Radio for organizing this road trip.

– Round of applause for our bus driver, Bobbi, who navigated the hotel parking lot (that isn’t at all designed with anything larger than a bicycle in mind) with such ease that one couldn’t help but be impressed.

– Quick note that actually pertains to the game, David Legwand will miss tonight’s game (and likely Monday’s at Columbus) with an undisclosed lower-body injury. Ryan Suter is also out tonight, having re-aggravated the knee injury sustained earlier in the year and to be with his wife for the impending birth of their first child. Nick Spaling is speculated to dress in Legwand’s place. Obviously, Sulzer will be playing in Suter’s place.

Til next time,



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